A note from Meg White

My cherished St. Paul’s Family,

After much contemplation and prayer, Joe and I have decided that it’s time for me to pass the torch of Youth Ministry on to someone else. This has not been an easy decision for us, however, the peace in my heart and the yearning to be more present with family, tells us that it’s what we need.

When we lost Joe’s Mom unexpectedly in April last year, we were given a new appreciation of how precious time is. I want to be able to work with Joe in our electrical business, so that we can enjoy time together as family. I want to help Taylor and Kaiti navigate high school and begin looking at next steps. I want to spend more time snuggling Alyssa and volunteering in her classroom. I want to continue working toward good health for her with our doctors.

I want to be able to enjoy Wednesday Night Dinner and not rush out at 6 PM to get ready for Youth Group. I want to attend classes on Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights so that I can continue to grow in my faith. I want to slow down enough to cherish the memories along the way.

When I say “pass the torch”, I truly do mean that. Youth Group will continue to function. We have an amazing structure of volunteers and a talented youth leadership team who have committed to help with Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings throughout the year. I intend to help mentor throughout the next year, in any way that is helpful. This is by no means the end….just another beginning!

I’ve been SO blessed these past eight and a half years to work with all of you, and to have your love and support. (I expect that to continue by the way!) I treasure all of it. My plea is that you will hold all of us in your thoughts and prayers as we work through this transition, to ensure that the flame of Youth Ministry does indeed continue to burn brightly here at St. Paul’s.

Here’s to another step in the journey!
Love and Blessings-

Meg White
Youth Coordinator