ACEs Awareness … for Good!

St. Paul’s, we have been faithful for 150 years and in turn God continues to call us to help bring healthy change to our community.  This fall as a part of our 150th celebration we partnered with our long-time ministry partner Intermountain and their educational organization Child Wise to explore ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences).  These 10 ACEs describe events that might happen in a child’s early life that can impact their physical, mental and social health for their entire life.  The studies show that the higher ACEs score the greater the likelihood the child will face adversity in their life.


In our work we shared the gospel message through the words “adversity is not destiny.”  St. Paul’s and our partners believe that adversity does not determine a person’s destiny and that we can reduce the likelihood of adverse results of their childhood experiences.  We facilitated two events and recorded three videos that will continue to share ACEs as a language to understand adversity, so that we can learn to prevent and overcome the challenges facing children and adults.  I want to especially thank our three speakers for these events: Todd Garrison, Director of Child Wise, Schylar Canfield Baber, Board Member of Child Wise, and Dr. Elizabeth Kohlstaedt, Ph.D.,Clinical Director at Intermountain.  To learn more about ACEs in Montana go to


Due to our efforts and the amazing work of Intermountain and Child Wise, our community has taken up this gospel message of hope.  A coalition of non-profits, schools, individual citizens, and hopeful entrepreneurs is uniting under the name Elevate Montana – Helena.  On January 25, at the Helena Middle School auditorium there will be screening of  Paper Tigers, a movie about how working intentionally with the knowledge of ACEs transformed an alternative high school in Walla Walla.  The coalition hopes to get 800 people to the event and then from that event get 100 people to be trained in the language of ACEs to help begin to transform our community.


St. Paul’s is most definitely following its calling… for good.  I am excited to see where the next 150 years take us.


Enthusiastic Peace,


Pastor Tyler


This video comes from our November event at the Art Walk, Design a Child’s Destiny.  It covers the clinical and biological realities behind ACEs and also how one person’s story relates to these statistics.

This video is art by 406 Youth United(our youth group) inspired by their work understanding ACEs.

For more videos on ACEs go to and to learn more go to