Church Council Chair/ Lay Leader: 
     Marti Johnson ((1 of 2) 
Church Council Vice Chair & Lay Leader: 
     Matt Dale (1 of 2) 
     Laurie Skillman
     Terry Atwood
Asst. Treasurer: 
     JoAnn Chambers
Financial Secretary: 
     Hailey Cole
Finance Committee Chair:
      Kari Leonard
Membership Secretary
     Vicki Weida
Lay Members to Annual Conference: 
     Phaedra Raymond, class of 2017
     Jill Melcher, class of 2017
     Gary Turcott, class of 2017
Lay Circuit Representative: 
     Marty Thieltges
Caring Ministries Team Leaders:
     Teresa Bustos and Donna Miller    
Church and Society Chair:  
     Phyllis Michelson   
     JoAnn Chambers and Marcia Armstrong
Mission Team Leader: 
     Greg Johnson
Staff Parish Relations Team Leader: 
    Dave Nielsen
Stewardship Team Leader
    Ralene Glenn

Trustees Chair: 
Kathi Roos

UMW President: 
Teresa Bustos

Wednesday Night Dinner Team Co-Chairs
Lynn Van Nice, Darrell & Sharon Vallance
Family Promise: 
Marcia Armstrong

Committee on Lay Leadership

Nominated and elected by the all Church Conference, chaired by the Pastor, the 1997 Nominations Committee recommended that Committee on Lay Leadership include one member of SPR and one Trustee.
Class of 2019
     Terry Scow
     Anita Turner
     David Blade
Class of 2018
     Maggie Long
     Frank Montibeller
     Shannon Grasmick
Class of 2017
     Gary Turcott
     JoAnn Chambers
     Kim Gardner
Finance Committee
     Kari Leonard
Church Council Chair
     Marti Johnson
Church Council Vice Chair
     Matt Dale
Trustees Representative
     Shirley Warehime
SPR Representative
     Dave Nielsen
Financial Secretary
     Sue McNicol
Church Treasurer
     Terry Atwood
Stewardship Representative
     Ralene Glenn 
     Sue Newell

Staff Parish Relations

Must be members of St. Paul’s, no two from same family, no member of the staff, one young adult, All Church Conference elects the Chair, one must be a Lay Member to Annual Conference.
Class of 2019
     Dave Nielsen (chair)
     Bruce Dunkle
Class of 2018
     Linda McKinney
     Debbie Starr
Class of 2017
     Dianna Tande
     Frank Montibeller
Ex-officio members
     Phaedra Raymond
     (Lay member to Annual Conference)
1/3 laymen, 1/3 lay women, 2/3 members, elect own officers.
Class of 2019
     Crystal Coffey-Avey
     Tom Reilly
     Carol Bruderer
Class of 2018
     Bayard Leonard
     Kathie Roos (chair)
     Marti Thieltges
Class of 2017
     Shirley Warehime
     Kirk Miller
     Lynn Chenowith