Indic Religions: Entertaining Angels by Pastor Sami Pack-Toner

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Perplexing Scriptures: Overreacting God

Overreacting God – Pastor Patti Agnew

February 3, 2019

Pastor’s Corner 1/20/19

     For the last couple weeks, we have talked about stewardship through our connection with others and in sharing our gifts with others. We often focus on monetary gifts as the only way to give to the church, but what about our time, energy, experiences, or other resources? They all are valuable and worthy!
     As Jesus’ earthly ministry was coming to an end, he began to prepare his disciples for the time when they would be called upon to carry on the work Jesus had started. He promised the disciples that they would not be left alone and that the Holy Spirit would come and would teach the disciples all they would need to know in order to continue the ministry. Soon, Jesus did ascend into heaven, and the Holy Spirit descended upon the followers, and she was not picky! The Holy Spirit is generous and thorough!      
     We all have gifts to share; we all are worthy and needed in the community. We all have spiritual gifts (like the gift of teaching, or offering mercy, or knowledge, etc.) and all have talents ( life experiences, work experience, hobbies, etc).
     You will find a handout in your bulletin that has some questions to ponder and answer. These will help us create a ministry profile for you! Then, return the handout to the office or by mail or in the offering plate. This will help us build our ministry! Other than the Holy Spirit, you will also receive a prize!
Happy exploring!
Pastor Sami

Loving Self

Pastor’s Corner 9/9/2018

When I was in 5th grade, we had confirmation class at my church. Over twenty squirmy 5th graders met weekly with the pastors eating dinner, playing games, and learning about the Christian faith together. At the conclusion of the class we had the opportunity to join the church. My friend decided not to join the church because she didn’t believe in Jesus. Which got me thinking. What did I believe? I pondered that for a few days and decided that I did believe in Jesus, so I joined the church. Little did I know how that would impact my life! How has following Jesus impacted your life? Jesus summed up all the commandments in these two: Love God with your whole self and Love your neighbor as yourself. We love God and neighbor in our personal lives and as a faith community. See the graphic.

-Worship: Connecting with God in community through weekly worship, singing, sharing communion…
-Devotion: Connecting with God personally through prayer, devotion, walking, singing… -Mercy: Loving others through acts of compassion. -Justice: Loving others by confronting injustice and engaging in ministry with those on the margins. Which area of discipleship comes most easily to you? Which is a growing edge?
Let’s grow in faith together as we continue on this adventure of discipleship!
Pastor Patti

Pastor’s Corner 8/26/2018


Going to School Hungry

More than 13 million kids in this country go to school hungry. One in five children in the United States live in food insecure households. According to the No Kid Hungry campaign, “food insecurity is a family that has enough money to buy groceries three out of four weeks; it’s a mom skipping dinner; it’s having to choose between buying groceries and paying rent.”

What experts are now, finally, realizing, that hunger has an enormous impact on a student’s ability to learn, pay attention, and socialize. Hungry kids are more likely to miss school because of illness, and more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety, and develop behavioral problems. There is a lot of potential being squandered because kids are going to school hungry.

A creative idea that has blossomed in our country is the idea of sending food home with kids for the weekend and evenings. In New Hampshire, it was discovered when Clair Bloom, a resident, went to her local school to “throw some money” at the hunger problem, and the school told her they didn’t need money. They needed a program to pack food and send home with kids on Fridays. Bloom took on the project, arranging volunteers, crunching numbers for affordable meals for hundreds.

This problem, as you can see from the statistics, is here in our community as well. We all probably  know a child who goes without the basic necessities on a regular basis. Helena Food Share actively tackles food insecurity from many angles, one of which is through Kid Packs. It is entering its 10th year and costs around $125,000 annually to run. However, Helena Food Share sends 1,100 children home with meals each week. Plus, there is story after story of children attending school more often, sick less often, in trouble less, and improved grades…all because of having enough to eat through programs like Kid Packs.

Are you able to help? Are you able to build a little person through this?


The Kid Pack Food Drive is on September 8 from 10am to 4pm at Van’s Thriftway (306 Euclid Ave.)

Pastor’s Corner April 1, 2018 Easter

Each week, when I pray over our offering, I include these words, “we offer ourselves with our gifts.” I think it is important to remind ourselves that God doesn’t just want our money, God wants all of us. Each one of us is unique and has something special to offer this world. From time to time we receive a unique gift in the offering plate. Not monetary, but words. Words of hope. Words of life. Words of The Anonymous Poet of St. Paul’s II. May these words lift up your spirit.

Human he was, as we are,
I’m sure he had a bad day some.
Anxious he may have been
Knowing what was to come.
It may have felt unfair at time,
he may have cried out, “why me”?
As he anticipated his knowing death
there on Calvary.

Despite knowing what was to come
he persevered on,
feeding the hungry, loving the different,
forgiving his neighbors wrong.

Hope must have remained deep in his heart
as he knew what was beyond,
that he would indeed rise again
and the suffering would be gone.

Not only his own but ours too
as he came to save us here,
extending compassion, teaching what’s good,
and lessen that which we fear.

We celebrate now in the love of God
and the love of those around us,
May the spirit of Jesus fill our hearts
and that which is good surround us.

Let us take that hope for we have it too,
in our times that we feel depleted,
knowing that we are never alone
and therefore, never defeated.

For He Has Risen.

May the new life of Easter fill your heart with hope!

Walking on the path of grace,
Pastor Patti

Pastor’s Corner – February 4, 2018

We Welcome a new member to our team!
Here at Helena United Methodist Ministries, we are excited to introduce to you our new Administrative Assistant, Matt Hankins!
Matt and his wife Emily have been a part of the St. Paul’s community for a decade. They moved to Helena twelve years ago to begin a family, which includes Turner (age 8) and Nia (age 4).

In his life, Matt has lived in many places including Texas, Hawaii, and Washington but has been in Helena, MT for nearly thirteen years. He loves the mountains and the small town atmosphere. Matt has traveled abroad but says his favorite destinations are always where his family joins him.

“I love music, and through music, I feel like I share ministry,” Matt says.

He is active with the St. Paul’s children’s choir, has joined the Walk to Emmaus music team, and plays music around western Montana with his two bands, Across the Divide and Blackbird Reverb.

“I am proud to be the newest member of the St. Paul’s and Covenant office staff. I hope to see and work with you soon,” says Matt.

When you get a chance, swing by the office and greet Matt! We are excited for the possibilities that Matt brings to our team!