Gratitude from BUMP

22695_293515580758267_1716431945_nEarly in November, Craig Cleveland (who with his wife Vicki have relocated to an acreage outside Browning) picked up an entire pickup load of clothing from St. Paul’s.  We received this note of thanks from Craig:

I wanted to thank everyone at St. Paul’s for the clothes you have been sending to the BUMP clothing store. To say that they are really appreciated is a big understatement! Vicki, with the help of Sheri Hill and others, has taken over the clothing store in Browning! This week I helped  at the store.  Now that the snow and cold have arrived, to have all the clothes and warm coats from St. Paul’s was a GIANT blessing!! 


Every week there seems to be a story to touch your heart. Last week we had a visit from a lady from the Blackfeet Boarding School who was looking for clothes for a couple of middle school kids that were dropped off with just the clothes on their back! We had to stay open late, but were able to get those kids some clothes.


This week one of our trustees from Heart Butte called and said he had a niece show up at his house with two little ones that had only the clothes they were wearing. He was able to bring them in (using the church van, as he has no car) and we sent them away with a couple bags of clothes for the kids!


Thank you all so very much!!


Pastor Calvin Hill is helping reconnect with families in the Heart Butte Community. They plan to try and keep the Heart Butte Church open all winter.  The fires this summer that filled Heart Butte homes with smoke damage gave Yellowstone Conference Missions the opportunity to show support and UMCOR sent money to buy specific cleaning items for smoke damage.


Our regular donations make things happen.  Craig is expected to make another trip as we have at least another full truck load of clothing from our Clothing Drive.  Your support of this drive will make a great difference for the people of the Reservation.  Thanks so much for doing this mission work with us.

by Vicki Weida, UMW member