Learn and Pray – 1

Our team met to chart our course.  We watched the WCI  introduction video(Click to watch)  and then began our study together by engaging with a Night Line story from the late 90s called “The Deep Dive.”(Click to watch)  This story covered the need for our churches to think more innovative and less institutional.  The company in the movie is tasked with helping re-invent and design things that we use in our everyday lives.  As we engaged this with prayer and discussion we found people beginning to imagine church in a different way.  
Learn more about WCI: stpaulshelena.org/wci
Here is what the group learned:
“Fail often to succeed sooner.”  – Mike Faehnrich
“Whole Church Initiative is about much more than pastoral change.” -Bill Avey
“I learned what a good idea it is, to put all ideas on the table and take the best from each and build it.” -Hedi Gold
“A great start, fun group.” -Ron Guse
“I learned from the program “The Deep Dive,” that being playful can lead to invention.” -Berma Saxton