Learn and Pray – 2

Our second Learn and Pray section focused on our study book The Good and Beautiful Community.  We explored deeply the call for Christian communities to be peculiar, in that they often are counter cultural.  Our time began with a focus on where we saw God in our community over the last week.  A focus on how Christianity is not about prescriptive practices, but instead about creating discipleship methods that help people form their own conclusions on God-Filled living.  During this session we finished the ” The Deep Dive” and explored deeply what it might look like to create church that embraces new ideas and quickly finds ways to share God’s love through community and connection.  
Some things the group learned:
“We might want to have a summer gathering at Spring Meadow Lake!” -Berma S.
“Strongly encourage life outside the pews.”
“Pushing my envelop…and liking it.” -Heidi Gold
“Inclusive” -Bill A.