November 29 Pastor’s Corner

Going in Mission…

Advent begins today; this is the church season where we prepare for the birth of God’s love into the world. God’s invitation to us is that we can help bear this love for the world, one way we do this is by going in mission. Today after church, at 12:30 PM, I invite everyone to join us at Covenant (2330 E. Broadway) as we wrap Shoe Box gifts for the Blackfeet United Methodist Parish (BUMP). Come join us for a free lunch and help participate in this mission project put together by Covenant, St. Paul’s and Clancy UMC. These shoe boxes represent our offering to the Blackfeet families and children who are in need of care during this season of hope.

Ministry with native people is challenging in a time when we understand the harm European Americans caused during colonization. For many years we thought this ministry was simply offering all the trappings of our culture to try and be more inclusive of native people. Slowly through a process of listening to the hurt caused by this attitude, it is sinking in and becoming clear that forcing our culture onto native people has done significant damage. How then do we go about this ministry? There is no simple answer. The first thing we can do is to be in relationship with those who have been marginalized and listen to what the problems are. Then we need to work toward the solutions presented by the native culture.

This year HUMM (St. Paul’s and Covenant UMCs) is teaming up with Clancy UMC to create and collect Shoe Box gifts for children at the Blackfeet United Methodist Parish during the holiday season. By sharing in the Shoebox ministry with BUMP (Blackfeet United Methodist Parish) we are listening and maintaining a relationship with the Blackfeet. This ministry is an example of BUMP listening for needs, and asking us to assist. Financial situations at the reservation have not resolved, so poverty continues to be the predominant condition. For some the boxes are the only gifts the children receive.

I invite us all this season to find ways to bear God’s love to others as we remember God’s love being born into the world for us.

Enthusiastic Peace,

Pastor Tyler