Pastor’s Corner 4/21/19

God raised Jesus from the dead, freeing him from the agony of death, because it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him.” -Acts 2:24
Dear members and friends of St. Paul’s,
     Living in Montana has given me a new appreciation for spring. I have never longed for spring as much as I do here! Come around February, I am tired of the snow and ice and ready for spring. I do have hope that one-day spring will break forth, and yet, it seems like winter keeps its hold on us. On Easter, we celebrate our faith which teaches us that death can’t keep its hold on us. In the same way a chrysalis can’t keep a hold on the new butterfly, so death can’t keep a hold on us. Death, failure, endings never have the last word with us. For we believe in a God of life and resurrection.
     That is what we celebrate this Easter, the new life that emerges from the darkness by the power of God.
     We have an opportunity to be agents of new life this Easter Sunday. We will be collecting a special Easter offering. A portion will support the programs and ministries of St. Paul’s, all of which create space for new life to emerge. Another portion will support 
Intermountain Children’s Home. For 110 years St. Paul’s United Methodist Church and Intermountain Children’s home have walked hand-in-hand in ministry together for the betterment of children in the Helena valley. Today, Intermountain serves the children Brother Van first called them to serve, but also whole family units, young adults, and youth in crisis in a variety of ways. The mission of healing through healthy relationships continues to expand throughout western Montana, bringing relational and emotional health to over 1,200 clients daily through transformative, integrated care. Through intensive residential care, community services, co-occurring substance abuse counseling, occupational therapies, and interventions in schools, Intermountain is combating the threat that early childhood adversity and trauma pose to the lives of vulnerable children. Parenting classes and community trainings build skills in the thousands of attendees that help to build more resilient individuals, healthier family systems, and stronger communities. Your gift will bring about new life in the families and lives of God’s precious children. Please use the designated envelop in the pew or designate “Easter Offering” on your check.
We look forward to ushering in spring and celebrating the possibilities of new life in Jesus,
Pastors Patti and Sami