Pastor’s Corner 5/5/19

A Note From Pastor Margaret Gillikin
Greetings new Helena Friends! I am eager to begin life in Montana… the ninth state I have lived in… and am excited to put down roots among you. I’ll be sharing tidbits here in the bulletin until I arrive so that you can begin to get to know me. (I will also gladly accept your “friend” requests on Face Book, especially if you send a message saying you’re a Helena person.)
I was born in North Carolina, but don’t retain much Southern other than use of the word “y’all” and calling people of ALL ages, children on up, “sir” and “ma’am”… and also an affection for food cooked with bacon and/or straight out of the garden. Any tips for growing flavorful veggies (especially tomatoes) in zone 5 will be much appreciated.
One of the things I have always loved about the parables Jesus told was how he related his metaphors to the people he was speaking to. He told farming stories to farmers and fishing stories to fishermen. But to the best of my knowledge, there aren’t any Jesus stories directly applicable to six-tomato-plant scale gardeners, soccer players, anglers, mountain bikers, or many of the many other occupations and hobbies that delight us in the 21st century.
This means that contextualization is one of the most important things we do as a community of faith, and is a large part of what I expect to do as one of your pastors.
I hope you will help me learn about your heritage, history, hopes and values, that together, we might discover meaning in faith that contributes to our living in generous and generative ways.
Prayers in the meantime,