Sunday Worship Times
8:30am and 11:00am
Worship at St. Paul’s and Covenant Sunday Services
at 8:30 & 11 AM (STP)
and 10:00 AM (CUMC)  

Worship In July

This July we have exciting and vibrant worship planned for Helena United Methodist Ministries!

On July 7, we will be welcoming two new pastors as they join our pastoral team! Margaret Gillikin and Anna Viehland will both be present at both churches, all three services. Pastor Margaret will be in the pulpit and share part of her story! Pastor Anna will help lead worship in all services, and Sami will be leading worship at St. Paul’s for the morning. 
On July 14, we will begin our summer sermon series for July and August exploring the wisdom of progressive Christianity. Each week, a different progressive perspective will be pondered. Some questions to think about this summer as we journey together: How does this perspective speak to my faith? How does this perspective speak to my family? Faith community? Work? In what ways does this perspective push up against my beliefs? Pastor Sami will be preaching at St. Paul’s. Pastor Margaret will be preaching at Covenant.
On July 21, our series will continue with Pastor Sami preaching at Covenant and Pastor Margaret at St. Paul’s.
On July 28, Pastor Sami will preach at St. Paul’s and Pastor Margaret will preach at Covenant.

As Pastor Margaret and Pastor Anna settle in, your HUMM pastoral team will have a better picture of our preaching schedule to share. Pastor Anna is part-time with HUMM and part-time at Sheperd of the Valley ELCA in Townsend, so her schedule will continue to need adjusting through the month. Regular presence and attendance in both churches in all services is our goal. So, even if one of us isn’t preaching or leading worship, we are striving to be present more during the “in-between” times. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Pastor Sami at