Sunday Worship Times
8:30am and 11:00am

Ah March! We know thou art kind-hearted, spite of ugly looks and threats, and, out of sight, art nursing April’s violets!

This quotation by Helen Hunt reminds us that even in difficult times, something beautiful can be the end result.
As we head into our journey of discipleship and the unexpected lessons of Lent, we begin with Tyler, on March 5, speaking on the “Devil’s Desire” and unexpected lesson we encounter as we face the “devils” in our lives each day. At the 8:30 service we will be treated to music by the Sunrise Singers.
On March 12 Marianne will encourage us to ask questions and question answers as we seek our unexpected lesson this Lenten season.
Then Tyler will be with us again on March 19 telling us the story of the Samaritan woman as he relates the unexpected lesson learned when we risk crossing boundaries in our search for truth. We will also be treated to music by the Sunrise Players at the 8:30 service.
On March 26 Rick Hulbert will tell us that an important unexpected lesson is often found as we realize that we only find real sight when we admit our blindness. This is also a “Jazz Sunday” so we may find our unexpected gift is Jazz!
As you can see there are many “unexpected lessons” in Lent, and like the ugly March weather, we may be nursing a violet under the snow. Please join us.
by Dave Buness – Music and Arts Coordinator