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8:30am and 11:00am
To quote Phyllis Theroux, “I think this is what hooks one to gardening; it is the closest one can come to being present at creation.” July is certainly a month of gardening for those who are “hooked,” and at St. Paul’s UMC we are planting new seeds as we begin a new period of leadership. This is the month you will meet and hear our new ministers.
On July we will be privileged to hear from Liz Moore as she preaches on the scripture from Matthew 10: 40-42 where Jesus promises to reward those who are kind to those in need. If you were at our Choir Sunday service on June 11, you heard Liz speak, and we are very fortunate to be able to hear her again.
We will hear our new Pastor Patti (Rev. Dr. Patti Agnew) on July 9 when she will be speaking on “New Mercies Every Day.” She will read from Lamentations where we are assured God’s love is everlasting! This is also a Jazz Sunday featuring Wilbur Rehmann and his group which is always enjoyable.
On July 16 we will be introduced to Pastor Sami (Rev. Sami Pack-Toner) who will be delivering the message “God Calls Shy People, Too!” We will all be excited to welcome her to St. Paul’s UMC. We will also have the added treat of some lovely bassoon music played by Dana Nehring.
July 23 brings Pastor Patti back to our pulpit. She will be speaking on “Valuing Diversity, Living Harmoniously,” drawing her scripture from Romans 12: 3-5; 14-18. We will end the month on July 30 with Pastor Tyler who will explain to us how to create faith by tuning ourselves to God.
July will be an exciting month for all of us at St.Paul’s as we hear our new pastors and learn from an exciting variety of speakers. Please join us!
by Dave Buness – Music and Arts Coordinator