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Sunday Worship Times
8:30am and 11:00am
March is upon us, and our ministerial team will continue the Lenten series on “What makes Jesus Christ the most fascinating person in the world?” Who was Jesus, is Jesus, and more importantly, who is Jesus to you? What difference does Jesus make in your life?
We will begin this quest on March 4 when Dominic Tuttle will be telling us about Jesus the Storyteller. Why were his stories important to us? This Sunday also features the Sunrise Singers and Players at the 8:30 service.
March 11 will be a special treat as we will meet the Bishop of the Yellowstone Conference, Rev. Dr. Karen Oliveto. She will offer a reflection at the 8:30 AM service and deliver the sermon at the 11 AM service. Also, the Children’s Choir will sing for us, which is always a treat.
Pastor Sami will be speaking on March 18. She will relate the story of Lazarus from John 11: 21-44. Her theme will be Jesus, the Magician. Again the Children’s Choir will sing for us at the 11:00 service.
On the last Sunday of the month, March 25, we will hear Pastor Sami speak on the Palm Sunday theme. This will be a special treat for those of you who like to sing, as her sermon will be “Lessons and Anthems”, where the passion story will be interspersed with appropriate hymns sung by you, the congregation. This will also be the final Sunday prior to Easter where the Children’s Choir will be featured. We all enjoy hearing them and appreciate very much the work Kari Leonard and Matt Hankins do as they prepare this group of singers.
by Dave Buness – Music and Arts Coordinator