Sunday Worship Times
8:30am and 11:00am


WORSHIP at St. Paul’s

Dr. Seuss led an interesting life full of great success as well as deep struggle. All of which finds its way into his children’s books. We will be looking at issues of inclusion through the lens of Dr. Seuss in worship this month. Dr. Seuss’s life story as well as his nonsensical plots, whimsy characters, and rhythmic words transformed how children learn to read, and also expands our way of seeing the world and how we live in it. Join in the fun during worship this month!


Preaching Schedule:
Date                     St. Paul’s UMC                                    Covenant UMC
February 3            Patti Agnew                            Maren Haynes Marchesini
February 10         Terry Turner                                       Patti Agnew
February 17           Patti Agnew                                    Marti Johnson
February 24      Sami Pack-Toner                                 Patti Agnew
March  3              Dominic Tuttle                             Sami Pack-Toner


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