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Worship at HUMM

Our God: Perplexing Scriptures We Would Rather Ignore We talk all the time about how loving God is. We emphasize grace and God’s love for all people. What about those scriptures where God lacks patience and grace? What about passages where God smites people for seemingly trivial deeds? Or makes demands that seem unrealistic? How do we make sense of perplexing scriptures? Or do we just ignore them? The Bible is inspired by God and authoritative for our faith. While there is much diversity in views of what that means, Christians in general understand the Bible to be our holy book. The United Methodist Book of Discipline says, “Scripture is the primary source and criterion for Christian doctrine.” So what are we to do with those difficult texts that depict God in a less-than graceful and loving light? Over the next several weeks we will be exploring some perplexing scriptures we would rather ignore. What can we learn about God from them? What do we learn about ourselves? Let’s see how the Holy Spirit will speak to us through these texts. Join us in worship each Sunday this month! We have lots of special things going on.                                                                                                                            Date           St. Paul’s                                                               Covenant                                  May 5        The Impact of Power-Sami Pack-Toner  Demanding God – Patti Agnew May 12      Demanding God – Patti Agnew  The Impact of Power-Sami Pack-Toner May 19      Overreacting God – Patti Agnew         Violent God – Sami Pack-Toner                        Jazz Sunday                                                  Appreciating our Sunday School                                                                                                       and Nursery volunteers           Weekend Warrior Worship: At the Course at noon (South Hills Disc Golf Course)
May 26        Violent God – Sami Pack-Toner        Overreacting God – Patti Agnew June 2          Patti’s Farewell Sunday            Inconsistent God – Sami Pack-Toner
June 9          Inconsistent God – Sami Pack-Toner        Patti’s Farewell Sunday
June 16        Chris Haughee                                                      Trish Dick  
Chaplain at Intermountain Children’s Home     Chaplain at Shodair Children’s Hospital