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Sunday Worship Times
8:30am and 11:00am
As we see the old year out and begin 2018 our ministerial staff will be helping us explore “beginnings” through a study of Biblical characters and how they dealt with change.
On January 7 Pastor Patti will approach “New Beginnings” and how redemption can bring us new beginnings of a positive nature. We will also be treated to special music by the Sunrise Singers and Players.
Then on January 14 we will be introduced to Dominic Tuttle, our new Coordinator of Young People’s Ministry. Dominic will be speaking on “Risky Beginnings”. He will tell us how various Biblical characters reacted when they were facing the unknown.
On January 21 Sue McNicol will be speaking on “Reluctant Beginnings” as she uses the scripture from John 5: 1-9 where Jesus asks a differently-abled man, “Do you want to get well?” This will also be a Jazz Sunday, so we will no doubt be treated to an inspiring message by Sue, and cool jazz organized by Don Stone.
We end January on the 28th with Pastor Sami speaking on “Risky Beginnings” where we will be considering how we deal with job loss and suffering, and how to start over following failure.
As we cross the threshold into “New Beginnings” in 2018, we are very fortunate to have the luxury of four fine speakers to encourage and guide us into this unknown future. Please join us!
by Dave Buness – Music and Arts Coordinator