Church is a verb.

     We recognize that not all people find Christian-spiritual fulfillment in worship on Sunday mornings. St. Paul’s is actively creating ways for people in their 20s and 30s to do church because so many of us are asking for them.


You are invited to join us in discovering God, spirituality, and purpose through:

God After Hours –   Sundays at 7 PM – Lewis and Clark Brewery. This is an opportunity for Young Adults to GodAfterHours_Logo_Color_HiRes_0915explore the tough questions about God and Life while along- side friends on the journey. Each Sunday will start with prayer and have a topic of discussion. We will then end our time with a ritual meal of either communion or a love feast. The first topic we are starting with is the “Five W’s about God”: Who? What? Where? Why? and How? OK, so one isn’t a W, but you will have to come and see how we turn it into one. This ministry is led by Jill Melcher and Pastor Tyler.
Service Opportunities – Christ calls us to “Love our neighbor as ourselves.” With this knowledge we know that entering into the care of others and our world is vital to this call. As young adults we are invited to use our gifts and graces for those who do not have the privileges we enjoy.

Mission Focus (Learn More Click Here)

Challenge Helena

Challenge Helena is an endeavor of the members of our church and our larger Helena community to help challenge people to bring awareness, healing and transformation to challenging issues of poverty in our community. The basic premise is that we will find dynamic speakers on these issues, host an event and record their talk, and then share that talk via online and traditional media sources. Within a certain time period we will then Challenge Helena to physically step up to make a change on an issue of poverty. The first Challenge we are doing in collaboration with United Way is to raise awareness of Homelessness.  Contact Pastor Tyler to learn more:  

Small Group Conversation and Prayer –


God Hunger: Meaningful Midday Meditations: Bring your lunch for 30 minutes of prayer and 15 minutes of discussion   This class taught by Pastor Tyler will run from 12-1 PM on Wednesdays.  Come join us as we focus on God’s presence each week.

Looking for a small group or class, but don’t see something you want to try?

We want to help you feel at home at St. Paul’s. If you don’t see or can’t find a small group or class that fits you, we want to help you out. Please contact Pastor Tyler and he will work with you to see what might be a good fit.




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