August 16 Pastor’s Corner

As I was working on designing and coordinating activities for St. Paul’s and HUMM this fall, it seemed it would be a good time to share with everyone the ways we have grown young adult ministry in the past 4 years. As many know, my primary responsibility at St. Paul’s when I was appointed was to explore young adult ministry. Young adult’s ages range from 18-35, ages that often do not find a home in churches to explore their spirituality. St. Paul’s decided to take a leadership role in creating an Associate Pastor position to explore this area of ministry.

Over the past 4 years I have worked to attempt several different avenues to attract, engage and provide spaces for young people to engage Christianity and their spirituality. The first year our primary focus was a young adult small group that allowed for young adults to meet each other and explore their faith. The group served its purpose, but felt like it segregated young people from the life of the church. The next year we shifted focus to Sunday’s @ Six, a coffee-shop style worship and discussion experience. This again had some real energy at the beginning, but required a large amount of energy for a very small group. This last year we put a lot of energy into Challenge Helena (, an exciting way to engage the whole community in social justice that had an intergenerational planning team, including some young adults. Along with these specific projects we have worked to ensure that our website, classes, worship, and church are welcoming to young people.

No one of these things has been a huge success, but each one of our efforts in young adult ministry has let young people know that church is about more than just letting them know about Jesus. Young people know that as Christians we care about the community, the world and them. This last Wednesday we had 25 people at our Young Adult BBQ, mostly people exploring St. Paul’s as a possible faith community. Many of these people are sharing that they found St. Paul’s because they want a safe and accepting place to explore their faith.

I think we have learned some valuable lessons through our experiments and some of our experiments will be growing into successes over the coming years. We have grown some young adult leaders who will begin to take roles in the church. We plan to have some new styles of small groups, classes and conversations for young adults. We will also continue looking at how Challenge Helena might be a new way to engage young adults in social justice. God is doing some amazing things through our willingness to create space for experiments in ministry. We can be proud that we are partnering with God and each other as we continue to seek ways to invite all ages into the life of our faith community.

Enthusiastic Peace,
Pastor Tyler