August 23 Pastor’s Corner

Education has long been a centerpiece of the United Methodist tradition. This goes back to John and Charles Wesley who received a strong education from their mother Susanna. Susanna was a woman who had an incredible education background for a woman in her era. Susanna knew several languages, knew the Bible well, and passed on her vast knowledge to her children. In Montana, Methodists have long worked for education. One great example is the founding of the college that is now Rocky Mountain College in Billings. Due to this history we believe that people can change the world when empowered through a good education and with the support of a spirit-filled community.

In this spirit it is important for us to continue learning, as a congregation, how we can help our community to be a place that supports education. The only way for us to do this is by learning to be missional and connecting with our schools.

miss-ion-al – Adverb/Adjective
1. Describing an act of sharing God’s love in the community.
2. Existing as part of the above act.

Today, during worship we are going to be missional in several ways. First, we are going to bless the backpacks of our students heading back to school. We want our children to know that we care about their education and that we are supporting them as they learn. As we bless backpacks we know that God’s love is at work in our schools through children, educators, and staff. Second, we will take a student offering to support students through scholarships administered by our United Methodist connection. This shows we support people connecting with knowledge in our global community. Finally, we will be invited to write letters to educators and staff in our schools. Specifically, we will write messages of support to all Central Elementary School staff and teachers as they are our neighborhood school, and then write letters to others in our school districts we want to support. Then in September and October our Promiseland children will nurture our connection to Central by gathering clothing for children who have accidents or other clothing needs at school.

Gracious God bless our teachers, staff, and students as they return to another year of learning.
Enthusiastic Peace,

Pastor Tyler