Covenant’s Pastor’s Corner 6/30/19

Dear ministers of Covenant UMC,
                My friends, first of all, I am so proud of all of you and our community. I am so honored to be your pastor. There has been a holy spirit fire among our congregation the past few months that is difficult to explain, but it is so heart-warming.
                I know that the past two years have not been all daisies and roses. We have said goodbye to loved ones, we have struggled with finances, and we have struggled to balance our pastoral team. However, you all have been patient and gracious, and I can see the fruits of these labors. We have new people in worship every week. Our average worship attendance has spiked by 15 people over the past six months (that is incredible!). We continue to make and maintain important partnerships in our community for the use of our building, and I cannot think of better ways to be good stewards of our space.
               As we enter a new chapter this month with new pastors, and we continue to celebrate our 50th Anniversary, I want you all to be proud of our community and what we have accomplished, all the while growing together in spirit and in service.
Here’s to another year of excitement and growth!
With love,
Pastor Sami