July 10, 2016 Pastor’s Corner

Next week I will be heading to Phoenix, Arizona to attend the Western Jurisdiction meeting of the United Methodist Church.  At the conference we will be helping set direction for our churches in the Western United States including Alaska and Hawaii.  The primary way we set direction is by electing the Bishops who will serve the conferences within our area.  I am looking forward to serving as one of our four representatives, two church members and two pastors, from the Yellowstone Conference. 


I won’t spend this message geeking out on how the process to elect Bishops works in our church.  However, what I do want to share is what you might see in the news. While the Western Jurisdiction meets Phoenix, all the other regional jurisdictional conferences will be meeting across the United States, so there will be lots of news coverage.  Our jurisdiction is courageously putting forth two members of the LGBTQ+ community as candidates for Bishop.  As many know LGBTQ+ inclusion is something the United Methodist Church continues to struggle with as a denomination.  By nominating these two individuals they are aiding the larger church in deeply questioning the understanding of all people as beloved children of God. 


Some people have described these nominations as something that will create a rift in the church.  After a week of sharing in ministry at camp and after praying with people of several sexual orientations and gender identities it is clear to me that what our jurisdiction is doing is saying clearly what our reconciling statement says each Sunday.  If you look on the bottom of our bulletin, “(We) accept…all people into the full life of our congregation.”  Prayers are appreciated this week and blessings as you all continue to share God’s love in the world. 


Enthusiastic Peace,


Pastor Tyler