July 26 Pastor’s Corner

As you read this pastor’s corner, you’ll notice that Tyler is preaching here at St. Paul’s. I am preaching today across town at Covenant UMC. Rick Hulbert, who is the lead pastor at Covenant, is away on vacation.
We are beginning our second year as the Helena United Methodist Ministries (HUMM). This is a concept that Tyler and I presented to the Yellowstone Cabinet over a year ago. We envisioned the possibility for maximizing impact and multiplying ministries for good as an area wide United Methodist ministry encompassing both St. Paul’s and Covenant. To that end, the Cabinet has appointed Marianne as the leader of the clergy team and as the lead pastor at St. Paul’s; Rick Hulbert is appointed as the lead pastor at Covenant and a member of the clergy team, and Tyler is appointed as associate pastor at St. Paul’s and as a member of the clergy team. Tyler’s particular emphasis at St. Paul’s and for HUMM is young adult ministry and mission outreach.
Rick, Tyler and I did some review of our first year and identified the following as some of the good that we have seen happening as a result of our efforts:
• Both congregations treated to variety with three pastors’ presence and services
• Positive congregational response to clergy team
• Cross fertilization of ideas
• Shared classes with both congregations
• Worshippers exploring both churches
• Improved communication/coordination on joint ministries
• Shared youth group responsibilities and support
• A coordinated fall stewardship program with strong results
• Shared clerical/office support insures communication is effectively enhanced
• Continuity across congregations on seasonal/sermon topics
• Shared advertising and posting notices for all three services
• Purchasing materials in volume
• St Paul’s providing Website development support to Covenant
• Clergy team coordination facilitates congregations awareness of each other’s programs
• Worship service coverage with existing pastors eliminates need for outside substitutes
• St. Paul’s benefits from use of Covenant kitchen and fellowship hall for events
• Joint hosting of Annual Conference
• HUMM model provides for pastors to support one-another
• Shared calendar for efficient use of church spaces and resources
• Capacity for growth with both congregations and options for United Methodists in Helena
• Reassuring to know our counterparts at the other church are a resource for ideas
We are excited about our progress and ready to launch into another year. We also welcome your feedback and observations as we continue to do this new thing!
Grace and peace,