June 19, 2016 Pastor’s Corner

This was in my email ‘inbox’ on Monday morning.  I know many people have said, in response to the horror of last Sunday’s senseless attack in Orlando, that we need to do more than pray.  And, of course, that is true. We need to change behavior, attitudes and actions.  We need to challenge hateful rhetoric and stand up to bigotry.  We need respectful discourse.  Still, for people of faith, the best place to begin is with a change of heart.  And, often, that begins with prayer.  This has been part of my prayer this past week.  Perhaps it can help us create a more loving community . . .

                                                                           Pastor Marianne

A Prayer for Orlando
               God of Life, God of Justice, God of Healing, God of Love, have mercy on us all.  In ancient days, in the face of a world filled with violence, your rainbow promise embraced the skies with every color in creation.  Renew in us our commitment to that rainbow of hope.
               We pray for the lost and the wounded, for their families and beloved ones.  Watch, O Lord, with those who wake, or watch, or weep.  Hold fast the sorrowful, and make us all instruments of your peace.
               We pray for the LGBTQ community around the world, but particularly here in this country we call home, as together we confront this devastating act of terror, the worst shooting in U.S. history.  Our hearts are broken.  Surround us with your Spirit of healing, your graceful presence in the midst of grief.
               Save us from hate, from prejudice, from the ways we turn away from you and from each other.  Embolden us to follow Jesus in crossing lines of hostility and suspicion, building bridges between neighborhoods, religions, and regions of your world.  Save us from the contempt that leads to violence, and also the contempt that leads – in the wake of violence – to an even more fragmented, segregated, polarized world.  Make us a people of faith, not fear.
               We know you are God of law, of Torah, of instruction and insight and learning.  We pray for our leaders in government and community life, and for the people they are called to serve.  Give all of us wisdom and courage as we build our common life.  Let our laws become at once more sane and more humane.  Stir in us a holy impatience with a world so full of gunfire.
               And above all, save us from that most banal form of sin, the sin of numbness and weak resignation.  Save us from accepting this as “the way things are.”  Come Holy Spirit, breathe in us, inspire us, and wake us up — so we might renew our participation in your making “thy kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven.”

               Have mercy on us.  Save us.  Breathe in us, awaken us, and make all things new.  And today, more than any other day, make us instruments of your peace and hope that you promised will pass all understanding.  In Jesus’ name we pray,  Amen.

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