June 26, 2016 Pastor’s Corner

One of the most incredible parts about St. Paul’s is the way we continue to be grounded, growing, giving and going even through the summer months. This week has seen our successful Summer Camp at St. Paul’s, organized by our Children’s Coordinator Lynn Van Nice and her team.  We had over 25 kids here each night for games, dinner, learning, and listening to the stories of Jesus.  This event was one of our new ventures in ministry as we shift away from the vacation bible school model.  Additionally during Summer Camp  we had two successful parenting classes, a special thanks to John Weida who taught “Kid Communication.”  Overall, Summer Camp was a huge success and I want to thank Lynn for her creativity and hard work on this event.

This week I also received this note from Vicki Weida and felt we should celebrate the amazing mission giving we continue to take part in:

“An extremely packed pick-up load of clothing went to the Blackfeet Clothing Store on Saturday, June 18 following Annual Conference.  Pastor Calvin and Sheri Hill can really squish in a lot of bags and boxes!!!  So, THANKS to everyone at St. Paul’s who donated clothing.  Blackfeet United Methodist Parish (BUMP) has two work groups coming in that will help sort clothes.  Sheri told us that sometimes kids are dropped off at the Boarding School with only the clothes they are wearing.  She now meets them at the clothing store and lets them “shop” for things when others are not there.  So great that we send things that fit those Middle School age kids.  Also Calvin said they sometimes have a need for Prom dresses, so we can keep that in mind for the next drive. This is a great way to be involved and United Methodist Women thank you all.  The next clothing drive is scheduled for after the UMW Bazaar in October.

The storage garage for UMW is now nearly empty.  It is time to start saving items for the Second Hand Treasures sale.  Call Vicki Weida (439-8390) or Teresa Bustos (461-4989) if you have things that need to go into storage prior to the sale in October.  Remember no clothing and nothing that does not work or that should just be thrown away.  Thanks.”

Prayers for restful, fun and exciting summer adventures.  Thank you all for continuing to help St. Paul’s as we share God’s love and good in our community. 

Enthusiastic Peace,

Pastor Tyler