June 7 Pastor’s Corner

It’s A Jubilee…

Dave and Fay Buness, our Chancel Choir and wonderful instrumentalists made last Sunday quite a celebration! I hope you were with us as we were all blessed with hearing ‘Songs that Built our Faith.’ If you weren’t here, however, you can still experience the event by watching it online. The link is on our website. Our choir now takes a couple weeks off but they’ll be back again in two weeks, on Jubilee Sunday.

The central celebration of our Jubilee year is on Sunday, June 21 at the 11:00 service. Following immediately after the meeting of our Yellowstone Annual Conference (which we host this year), we will have a grand worship celebration. Our Bishop will be with us and will preach. We will commission our Guatemala Youth Mission Team. Our Chancel Choir will sing and we will all raise a joyful noise in thanks to God for the blessings of the past 150 years. Following worship that day, we will have a Jubilee party with food, fun and dancing in the streets!! The Junk Man’s Choir will be with us for the dancing part of things. Outside. In the street. Or on the patio. Thanks to the generosity of several donors, we will have a Jubilee Booklet available that day as well. It is a snapshot of St. Paul’s at age 150.

Today I want the opportunity to offer a special thanks to the members of the Jubilee Committee who have planned for the events of the year. Maleen Olson has been doing a marvelous job leading the committee. Where would we be without a leader? Others involved in the committee have been Tim Holmes and Marty Thieltges who have been going through pictures that highlight special moments in the history of the church. You have seen some of their work in the pre-worship slides that Sue McNicol has designed for projection. Judy Nielsen and Maleen have provided the historical tidbits that have been in the bulletin. Ron Waterman, Ed Glenn, Marti Johnson, Frank Montibeller and Phaedra Raymond have helped with ideas and plenty of behind-the-scenes legwork. Maggie Long has written our press release. Tim Holmes has done some hard work locating the actual site of that first pile of logs and we are working with Ellen Baumler and the City of Helena to get a plaque on that site. Sue McNicol has designed our Jubilee logo (which you now see on our bulletin cover) and has worked tirelessly to pull together the copy and do the layout for the Jubilee booklet. There will be lots more to do as our Jubilee year unfolds but, for now – thanks to all who have helped so far.

The celebrating continues . . . be sure to mark your calendars for the next event – 11:00 Sunday, June 21. (We will also have our regular 8:30 worship that day, with time for reflection, prayer and communion.)
Grace and peace,