May 24 Pastor’s Corner

“The Jubilee is upon us!” If you ran down Last Chance Gulch yelling the aforementioned statement it would probably not strike fear in people. Instead the sight might bring laughter and hope like our St. Paul’s 150th celebration is meant to strike hope in people about what God is still doing in our community. We hope the events of the next year inspire our community to continue to seek ways to be of service to one another, and invigorate St. Paul’s to continue to be the source of that Spirit. On this Pentecost Sunday it feels right to share with you the spirit of the next two celebrations at St. Paul’s as a part of our 150th and remind us that the Jubilee is about planning for the future as much as celebrating the past.

Next Sunday, May 31, will be a Choir Sunday, featuring “The Songs That Built Our Faith,” to celebrate the music of the past and our song for the future. Dave Buness has been our Chancel Choir Director for 41 years, and his amazing direction has helped us to have music to inspire our worship. This Sunday presentation has been a special project of Dave’s and promises to give us inspiration for the future of our ministry, as well as honor the work of our past.

On Sunday, June 21 following our hosting of the Yellowstone Annual Conference, we will have our Jubilee celebration. As Marianne shared a few weeks ago, we will have a worship service with our full choir, a commissioning of the Guatemala Mission team, preaching from our Bishop Elaine J.W. Stanovsky, and lots of celebration of the hope God gives us for our ministry past and future. Following the service we will have a grand party with the bluegrass group “The Junk Man’s Choir” performing, food, dancing (if you choose), and fun for all ages. Please mark your calendar and plan on attending.

Let’s pray that the Spirit continues to move among us and through us for 150 years to come.

Enthusiastic Peace,

Pastor Tyler