Mission Focus – December

Christmas Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

It is a red blur.  Christmas flies by every year and rarely do we remember the gifts we opened last year.  The stories people do remember and share are about when their heart was touched.  Perhaps people remember the look as they brought a warm meal to a family in need.  Others remember watching their child share a gift with another for the first time.  When hearts are warmed, traditions are created that are worth keeping.

The mission focus this month is an invitation is to uncomplicate Christmas by focusing on creating a memory that you can remember next year.  The invitation is to share the message of God’s love in small and surprising ways.  The birth of Christ demonstrates to us each year that small packages develop in world changing realities of love.  We invite you to choose a way to give that is simple this season.  Here is a list of simple gifts you might have already participated in or might yet be a part of through the church:

  • Shopped for gifts at the Fair Trade Market to share a just wage with people worldwide
  • Shoebox to Blackfeet United Methodist Parish (Due Dec 3)
  • Pajamas for Intermountain (We got all we needed with one Sunday request!)
  • Gift Tag off the Giving Tree to help a family in need
  • Share the gift of music with your talents (Christ Child’s Birthday Party Talent Share!)
  • Bring your family to the Christ Child’s Birthday and donate to UMW’s mission work
  • Give to our Christmas Offering for local mission.

Perhaps there is something else in the community that touches your heart.  Whatever you give to this season doesn’t need to be complicated, just let it be from your heart.  Giving from the heart is true hospitality, it is a great tradition, and that is church.