Nov 22 – Treasure Chest 4

Treasure – Stewardship 2015
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Weekly Treasure Chest

A few years ago, our small family moved to Helena. After a couple weeks of unpacking, we were excited to begin visiting churches in town. We made a mental list of Christian churches to check out and dove right in. One day while driving through downtown, we noticed a beautiful building on the corner just across from the Holter. Its elegance and simplicity was representative of the religion we were seeking; its small footprint, well-maintained grounds, and thoughtful exterior were evidence of a healthy community within. With no experience with the Methodist faith, we added it to our list.

A couple weeks later, we attended St. Paul’s for the first time with every intention to continue our search with a different church on our list the following week. But on the morning of the following Sunday, both my husband and I and our two children wanted to return to St. Paul’s. The Sunday after that, the same thing happened. The Sunday after that…the same. We had found our community.

We had found a place to raise our children in the joyful Christian tradition that is a special part of both our country’s and our personal heritage. We had found a place where our children could feel welcomed and accepted, where they could learn Bible stories in a hopeful and kind way, where they could see many people joining together to help and serve for the well-being of the whole, where they could be supported as they experience the ups and downs of life, where they could witness
and be a part of generosity, hospitality, and compassion for others. In short, where they could live and breathe the Christian way.

At St. Paul’s, Christianity is not only experienced but it is experienced without superiority over the beautiful spiritual paths that others have chosen. St. Paul’s gives a gentle and gracious nod to other Christian faiths and to all faiths represented in our human family. Rather than putting up walls inside people that lead to judgment and self-righteousness, it aims for peace within each member’s soul, peace in our community, and peace in our world. This means everything to us. Truly, if religion is going to maintain its holy place in our culture, it has to step up its game and truly shed its unhealthy, unkind parts that are clearly unchristian to so many of us. St. Paul’s has done this with dignity, courage, and clarity, making us proud to be a part of it.

Having a church community that reflects the love and peace we feel inside for our fellow life travelers is something we value immensely. We are extremely grateful to participate in the experiences offered through the church. Though we are raising children and still paying off debts from our college years, we give what we can through a monthly automatic withdrawal. We feel comforted we are doing our small part to support the life and mission of St. Paul’s….a place we’re very grateful to have found.

This family has asked to remain anonymous

Treasure Hunt
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