November 1 – Treasure Chest

Weekly Treasure Chest

My wife and I will continue to give to St. Paul’s because we have been taught by the teachings of an itinerant Jewish preacher who did his teaching about two thousand years ago. He taught many things, but one of his most important teachings was that we should take care of the poor and less fortunate. His teachings, as you well know, led to the establishment of the Christian religion, and continue to be taught by his followers.

In our case, as part of Methodism, caring for the poor and less fortunate was a principle theme of the founder of Methodism, John Wesley. In Montana, where our own church is one hundred and fifty years old, Brother Van and other early day Montana Methodist preachers carried on the teachings of Jesus. This is true today, as Marianne, Tyler and Rick continue this great Christian tradition.

Like any other human activity that is worthwhile doing, the work of St. Paul’s cost money.

What is really important to my wife and me, and I think also to you, is the outreach of St. Paul’s.

This is in two parts. We do a lot in the community of Helena. God’s Love, Family Promise, Helena Indian Alliance, to name a few. We also make our building available to many organizations in Helena that need a place to hold their meetings.

The other outreach is for programs and activities carried on outside of Helena. One of the missions we support is the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR). UMCOR moves swiftly into any part of the world where disaster has struck and provides relief to the stricken, without regard too religious affiliation. The point is those people need help and UMCOR helps them.

Or think of the direct outreach to various parts of the world by the members of St. Paul’s. For example, Don Skillman has lead more than one medical mission to the Amazon region of South America. Just this year our Coordinator of Children’s Ministry, Meg White, led a group of youth and adults to a mission in Central America. We have supported a university in South Africa. There are other examples, but you get the idea.

Another main reason that my wife and I are willing to continue supporting the church is the truly outstanding job the church does with its programs for children and youth. From Promiseland, to Children’s Time during the sermons, to the many programs and activities for older children and youth.

All of these many things cost money. All of them are worthwhile and carry on the tradition of carrying out the teachings of that itinerant Jewish preacher who lived two thousand years ago.

For these reasons we will continue to give to St. Paul’s.

Respectfully submitted,
Cordell Johnson and Kay Mathews
Treasure Hunt
Each week we will hide an image of a treasure chest with a new word somewhere online.  We ask people to explore our website, facebook and app to find this treasure.  When you do email Pastor Tyler at  Let us know what word was on it and where you found it.  When you find it you will be entered into a drawing for a Treasure daily devotional book that will happen each week at worship.
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Grace Chest

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