November 8 – Treasure Chest 2

Treasure – Stewardship 2015
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Weekly Treasure Chest

 We bring our tithe to God, a dime from every dollar.
It even could be more, but never should be smaller.
For thus the Lord hath said, if we give cheerfully,
The nine-tenths will go farther to meet our every need.

I learned that little ditty when I was in 5th grade and while I didn’t understand the “nine-tenths” thing at that time, I certainly understood “a dime from every dollar.” I wish that I could honestly say that I have been a tither my entire life, but I would be lying. Tithing takes both faith and discipline: faith that God will really make my “nine-tenths go farther” and discipline to learn to dutifully give. And I am a work in progress.

What I have learned from becoming a tither is that it is impossible to out-give God. He will always provide, my job is to believe that He will always provide.

I have also learned that I have a responsibility to be a good steward of all the gifts that God has given to me (including my finances) so tithing is part of my budget. And budgeting isn’t something that comes natural to me…it’s a learned behavior. Around the first of the year my husband (Eddie Black) and I sit down to create our goals for the coming year. During this discussion, we commit to our budget which involves our tithe.

While our tithe goes to support the amazing ministries of St. Paul’s and I am proud to be a part of this Christian community, I still believe that tithing is not about what we give to God, it’s about being faithful to Him. Let’s be realistic, we’re talking about the Creator here, He doesn’t need my dime…He desires my faithfulness.

As I become more faithful to Him and disciplined in my actions, I am blessed beyond measure.

Tracie Kenyon

Treasure Hunt
Each week we will hide an image of a treasure chest with a new word somewhere online.  We ask people to explore our website, facebook and app to find this treasure.  When you do email Pastor Tyler at  Let us know what word was on it and where you found it.  When you find it you will be entered into a drawing for a Treasure daily devotional book that will happen each week at worship.
This week the image you are searching for is:

THIS IS NOT THE IMAGE TO WIN THE HUNT. The image you are looking for is in a different location. Please note this is just a clue to tell you what you are looking for. The real image is somewhere on facebook, our app, or website.