Pastor’s Corner 10/13/2019

      During many of the Pastor Meet & Greets, in response to the question, “Why does church matter to you?” MANY of you said something along the lines of, “because it is the church that surrounds you with love and carries you through the hard times.”
      All I can say to this is AMEN! Even though my cancer care is only just now rounding the corner to the second phase (chemo begins Monday, October 14th), I am overwhelmed by your prayers, meals, hugs and other forms of kindness and generosity. If one can recover through love alone, I’ve got this licked already because of you!
      As I’ve been researching treatments and what to expect as a patient, I’ve been stunned to discover how many people face serious illness and other life challenges without a network of support. They have “A” person or no one at all. Clergy know that many folks in this world are “dying of loneliness” with low quality of life because of their isolation. But this is the first time I’d put 1+1 together and figured out that the social limitations that compromise emotional well-being also cause further challenges when fatigue and illness make getting to the doctor or putting a meal on the table genuinely hard.
      This makes me wonder what un-spoken needs might exist in our community? Are there those in our congregation or beyond it who need TLC like you are pouring out on me? I’d be happy to share!!! 
      If you, or someone you know could use some support for any reason, please note this on the presence form so we can respond!