Pastor’s Corner 10/7/18

The Power of Gratitude
If you have been in the office the past couple weeks, you may have seen a little desk toy with five metal spheres hanging from strings. It’s called Newton’s Cradle, or, more commonly, “executive desk toy.” Whether you saw ours or another one, did you study it? Maybe you even lifted one sphere and watched it collide with the others, ending the last in line flying out. Then, just as quickly as that last sphere flew, back it came, colliding with the rest sending the original sphere flying itself. This simple toy is our new image and metaphor for Helena United Methodist Ministries’ Stewardship Campaign. Sir Isaac Newton discovered this conservation and transfer of energy and momentum, and this simple toy demonstrates not only the science Newton discovered, but it can also show and teach us about the power and energy we each carry and transfer. This year’s stewardship campaign will look a little different. Instead of a seasonal campaign lasting a month-long with 4 or so sermons, we will celebrate stewarship throughout our year. Stewardship is the care, love, and service of all things, whether this is through money, time, service, witness, or even presence. All of these aspects are vital to growing in our discipleship. All of these aspects are important to our mission at HUMM. What does it mean for you to say “yes” to Jesus? In what ways is God speaking and calling to you? We begin with the power of graditude. Generosity can only begin with gratitude. When we see our gratitude not just as a feeling in our hearts, but a powerful energy that can move us to do amazing things, we will witness God’s work together. Generosity will flow from our gratitude, and it will collide with others, sending our brothers and sisters in Christ out into the world to be God’s hands and feet. Keep an eye out for our mailing coming later this month. Then, watch for new opportunities to be stewards! We have plans for new ways to give of yourself, creative ways to use the power of gratitude, and celebrations of the impact our generosity and gratitude make in this world. You will hear stories of how the church has changed lives, how your pennies add up, and how much more powerful we are together. In January, we will celebrate our second Stewardship Sunday, focusing on the generosity of our time and talents. Again, you will see new ways to grow spiritually and share your energy. Then, in May, we will celebrate our third Stewardship Sunday and party! We will rejoice in the good news we have shared, the impact we have made, and the growth we have seen. We are excited to celebrate all year round with you! May you see your importance and your power!
Blessings, Pastor Sami