Pastor’s Corner 11/10/19

The Secret Life of Progressive Christians

         One movie that holds a place in my heart is the 2013 movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It is about a man that lives his life in daydreams instead of speaking up and stepping out to discover what the world has to offer until a snafu at work forces him to do so. Walter is shy, clumsy, and self-conscious.           I urge you to watch the movie if you haven’t. It has beautiful music, and I would go as far as to say that it could change your life. Sera Maddingly reflects on the story: “Every time I watch the movie, I start to tear up. Life goes so fast sometimes, and things can end or go bad within seconds. It’s terrifying. Many of us are hoping and wishing we’ll do something wonderful or groundbreaking. It’s sad to say many of us stick to the wishing, dreaming, hoping, and daydreaming for fear that we’re not good enough to live out our dreams.”

       We Christians are really good at living in our daydreams, too. The word “evangelical” has been hijacked, and for a lot of the last few decades, mainline Protestants and centrist/progressive Christians have leaned on the culture intertwined around Sundays and church. We have rarely invited our neighbors to church. We rarely tell people about our beliefs. We love to read about theology and social justice and daydream about “one day”. 
      I struggle with this as well. Ask me about weightlifting, and I will talk your ear off. Ask me about work, and I will be guarded with worry about what someone will assume about me. But, it’s time to change that. It’s time for us to share and be prophetic about what kind of God we believe in! Some of my best connections with people, who are unchurched (and probably plan to keep it that way) are when I DO share about my job, my dreams for the Church, and what we believe. 
What is your dream for the Church? How are you doing to live that out?