Pastor’s Corner 11/24/19

         Dear Friends,
                Jesus’ invitation to “Follow Me” is ultimately a call for us to follow in his footsteps and patten our lives after Him. This applies not only to our individual lives as Disciples, but also to our life together as a community of faith.
                For us to follow the Prophetic Jesus means that we are called to be a Prophetic Church. What does that actually mean?
                The prophetic vision Jesus lifted up over and over again was the Kin(g)dom of God being realized on earth, fulfilling the hopes and dreams of generations. We are invited to share in this dream and equipped by the Holy Spirit to help realize it.
                This means SEEING the world differently than it currently is. This means looking at “reality” and not glossing over the rough spots or ignoring the pain of our world or the people in it. It means recognizing the truth and the gap between “what’s so” and the blessings of goodness according to God’s intent in Creation.
               We are meant to follow up Gospel-oriented clear sightedness by SPEAKING. We are challenged to speak truth to power…naming what is missing or misshapen in our society…despite any fears of causing discomfort or conflict.
              Finally, our speaking is meant to call forth ACTION…yes, from others, but even more importantly, from ourselves. How are we BEHAVING our faith? What steps are we taking to address the wrongs we see? Hand-wringing is not enough. We are called to join together to BE the Good News for and with our neighbors as we seek the fulfillment of Jesus’ vision. 
Let us be Prophetic Church, beloved!