Pastor’s Corner 11/3/2019

Pastor’s Corner

     When I was in seminary, one of my Church History professors was a treasure trove of quotes from John Wesley. One that he repeated to us often (appropriately, given that we were students) was Wesley’s admonition to the people called Methodists that one of the most important characteristics of a Christian is that we be “teachable.”
     Dr. Meadows emphasized the need for us to hold our convictions lightly and to be humble enough to have minds open to new ideas and different interpretations of ideas we were familiar with. 
     I don’t consider myself to be someone who is particularly attached to being “right.” However, even for me, this discipline was sometimes difficult to maintain in the face of beliefs and faith practices that were contrary to what I entered seminary with. The need to defend my heart and what I “knew” (or desperately wanted) to be TRUE was at times overwhelming.
     In our sermon series on the Prophetic Jesus, you may find yourself similarly challenged. Oftentimes, our preaching and worship skirts around uncomfortable ideas and avoids pressing points that hit too close to home. This means we might not have as much practice as we need in allowing Jesus’ teachings to confront or disturb us.
     If you feel pushed this month, I invite you to remember the idea of being “teachable” and try it on for yourself. May this give you space for new contemplation!