Pastor’s Corner 12/15/19



                As we hurtle toward Christmas, racking up holiday dinners, concerts, parties, and other special events…possibly one or more per day…it could be that Advent has not registered on your consciousness.
                You know…that spiritual season of slowing down, waiting and listening for the still, small voice of God, cultivating quiet and preparing inwardly for the coming of Christ…THAT time! Uh huh.
Despite my best intentions, yet again I find myself looking at my Advent devotional, a full week behind, wondering how that happened AGAIN?! Ohm…


                 If you find yourself in a similar position of having forgotten to slow down, may I offer us some mutual grace? 
It is so terribly easy to get caught up in the cultural whirlwind that is the “Christmas Season!” Our culture and the Christian tradition are 180° apart in our pacing. Christian tradition says slow down, be quiet before Christmas and then celebrate enthusiastically for 12 days. Our culture celebrates wildly for 14 – 24 days prior to Christmas and then collapses in exhaustion (with a brief resurgence on New Year’s Eve) until going back to work and school, noses to the grindstone once more.                  Dear ones, my prayer for each of us is that we find (CREATE) time and space for the quiet time and reflection we NEED, and receive the Peace of Christ that will restore us body and soul.