Pastor’s Corner 5/12/19

You may be aware of our pastoral transition. Here is a note from our new lead pastor, who will begin July 1.

A Note From Pastor Margaret Gillikin  
Dear Friends,     
Some time ago, I was introduced to the idea that we human beings have three generalized access points to the Divine that touch, move and inspire us.        
Some folks connect through Truth, gravitating towards standards of morality, ethics and wisdom that serve as anchors to life. Other people primarily lean towards Goodness, soaking up stories of kindness and striving to shape their lives accordingly. Thirdly are those who find the Divine in Beauty of any kind, receiving blessing through creation and artistic expressions of all kinds.      It may be that you are affected by all three areas, depending on the circumstances. For instance, both Opera and 1980s pop music stir my soul. Rap? Not so much.     
I remember the first time I saw the mountains of the West instead of the Appalachians I grew up visiting. I was stunned into silence… something you’ll soon learn is difficult to do! Ever since, I have easily found the presence of God in all kinds of nature settings, but it seems like I NEED to be in sight of Western mountains in order to breathe and be connected to God as my Source.     
Whatever it is that brings you to that place of deep peace and finding that it is well with your soul, I pray you discover ways to intentionally seek that out in the days to come.     
I look forward to seeking these opportunities together and sharing them between us as a means of enriching our life in community.