Pastor’s Corner 5/19/19

A Note From Pastor Margaret Gillikin
Beloved in Christ,
Seminary trained clergy have generally spent three (or more) years immersed in God-talk as part of our training. That’s what theology is, after-all, talk about God. We bring theological lenses to Biblical study, education, leadership, even something like choosing paper or plastic to carry your groceries in can be a theological discussion. The thing is, churches are not just about God… they are also about PEOPLE. This has led me to multiple areas of inquiry. One I keep coming back to is Family Systems Theory. Instead of looking at individuals, this approach focuses on the dynamics of groups: nuclear families, extended families, office families, congregational families, etc. etc. and examines how they intersect with and impact each other positively and negatively. One of the things this approach delves deeply into is how anxiety grows and lessens… and what are the ways to influence a family / group in bringing greater health to it. Chief among those strategies is PLAY. Play as in some kind of fun activity… and also play as in doing something new/different.
In the weeks and months to come, you will learn more about me as the “Fun Fairy”. And some of that IS about having a good time. But I invite you to hear now (and remember later) that silliness, laughter and shenanigans are often an intentional leadership strategy on my part. For when groups play together, systemic anxiety decreases and cognition reactivates, creativity becomes possible and voila, productivity increases.
Praying for health AND joy,