Pastor’s Corner 5/26/19

A Note From Pastor Margaret Gillikin


I write this week from UMC Next, the conference hosted by Adam Hamilton at the Church of the Resurrection for United Methodists who do not affirm the Traditional Plan passed at GC2019.
We are praying, listening, talking, sharing, and creating with folks across conferences, generations, races, genders, sexual orientations, and beliefs. We are attempting to generate possibilities and to organize in the midst of chaos. We are grappling with the inevitable push-back about who was included at these tables and why not others. We are wondering how to include others more equitably at future gatherings.
We are being asked to contemplate and answer questions like “Why am I United Methodist?” “How would I describe my lens for interpreting scripture?” “What does living into our baptismal vows actually look like? Especially ‘rejecting the spiritual forces of wickedness’.” “What kind of church would my children or grandchildren be willing to invite their friends to?” 
I haven’t heard this question in Kansas City yet, but I will forewarn you here… I’ll be asking you to answer it once we begin gathering for conversation in Helena this summer: “What do you sense God calling YOUR church at this time? How is it and is it not being expressed? What needs to happen in order for God to breathe that dream fully into life?”
Now is the time, beloved, for dreaming God-sized dreams and working to fulfill them. May we rejoice in our calling!