Pastor’s Corner 6/16/19

Dear Friends,       
     Loss and grief are on my mind these days as I navigate the roller-coaster of change. As much as I EAGERLY seek to join you, this transition has some tender spots for me, as such things always do. What I had not anticipated is how it’s affecting me to say good-bye to the Denver Area which has been my family’s ‘home base’ since 1988.
     You see, my mother decided that with me leaving Colorado (again), she should pick up and move to be close to one of my sisters or I. Surprise-surprise, the grandchildren won that coin toss! So, off to Virginia she goes… and no longer will there be a Gillikin presence in Colorado.
     Our culture doesn’t give much permission for us to really feel our losses. Like so much else, grief merits a nano-second or two of recognition and then we’re expected to pull ourselves together and get on with it.
     But the community of faith has, at our best, far more capacity to be present to one another in the midst of grief. The liturgy in Jewish synagogues includes a “mourner’s prayer” every week. All who are grieving stand as it is recited, thus reminding the community of faith to offer care to those bereft in any way.
     I am mindful that these worshipping communities of Covenant and St. Paul’s UMCs have experienced a lot of change in a relatively short time span. So, I suspect that there is some tender-heartedness for us to attend to in the months to come… even if what you are grieving is the loss of stability.
     May we be gentle with one another and generous in offering love and care to all! Shalom,