Pastor’s Corner 7/21/19

Dear Ones,
                  Even as we have been experiencing a season of transition locally, the global church also finds itself in the midst of what theologian Phyllis Tickle describes as “Christianity’s 500-year rummage sale.” Over the course of our history, right about every 500 years, something massive happens to shift everything-as-we’ve-known-it in the church. In the year 500 it was the Dark Ages; 1000… the split between the Eastern Orthodox and Roman (Western) Catholic church; 1500… the Protestant Reformation; and right on time in 2000… the rapid decline of institutional churches across the spectrum and rise of “spiritual but not religious” and folks who claim “NONE” as their spiritual affiliation.
                We don’t truly know what’s coming next out of all this. What we can observe is that we are still in a time of devolution. But some of what we notice is that many folks are longing for depth and breadth of learning and meaning in their spiritual homes… without that, there is little purpose for being there.
                 For the rest of the summer, we will be diving deep and exploring widely in worship through The Wisdom of Progressive Christianity sermon series in three sections: Journey, Reconciliation and Transformation. Using the book, Living the Questions, these themes will help us address some pivotal questions like “How did we get here?” and “What’s the point?” and “How do we move forward?” 
                We look forward to seeing you in worship when you’re in town!   
Blessings for a fabulous, meaningful summer.