Pastor’s Corner 8/18/19

The Day the Border Disappears
                There is an anonymously-written article featured in this month’s Sojourners magazine titled, “The Day the Border Disappears”. Prior to 2001, the border between Pasos Lajitas, Mexico and Lajitas, Texas, USA was open. Many people worked in the United States and lived in Mexico.
                But, in May of 2002, all of a sudden, the border was closed, and people were separated. But since then, the community decided that they should have a family reunion every year on that date.
                 Some cannot cross the border, so those who can cross join those who cannot. At the beginning, the priest stands in the river and blesses everyone on each side. Then, they begin their reunion. They share a meal, talk and hug, and they have fun together. When 6 PM rolls around, the group disperses to their appointed countries, and they wait until the next year to go it all again. 
                  A few weeks ago, an artist installed the “Teeter-Totter Wall”, which is a large teeter-totter with seats on either side of the slatted border wall. Sunland Park, New Mexico, USA and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico have seen militia-detained migrants at its meeting, and even a private group raising millions of dollars to build its own border wall. 
                 However, the current slatted border wall now has a connectional tool, the seesaw, to connect the countries.
                 There will be a day when the border disappears physically. Until then, let’s lean on one another, teeter-totter with one another, and reunite! We must continue to show that another world is possible and bring God’s kin’dom to every place we encounter!
Pastor Sami
Kids from Mexico and the U.S. in the Rio Grande. Photo by Jessica Lutz/Reuters
Photo is from the Anonymous article found Here.