Pastor’s Corner 9/1/19

Pastor’s Corner
                Beloved, During the Pastor Meet & Greets, many of you have voiced the desire for increasing the number of children, teens and families with young people in church.
                As congregations committed to being inclusive communities of faith, this can be a wonderful vision for us as it keeps us connected to ALL ages. 
               It can be a genuine gift to be blessed by crying babies, rambunctious toddlers, and children of all ages who can’t stop talking… if we choose to see it that way.
               Older generations often expect to give wisdom and receive hope. But what if that were reversed? We have young people heeding Jeremiah’s wisdom to not be afraid to lead “merely” because of their age. Are we willing to receive their prophetic word… even if what we hear isn’t to our liking?
               Might we be willing to provide young people with hope by loving and valuing them so tremendously that they cannot help but know themselves to be beloved children of God who matter NOW… and not just for who they might grow up to become someday?
              What are you prepared to do to make your church an inviting, vibrant, energizing place for families and young people? Could you volunteer to be a 2nd adult present for safety purposes at children and youth events so that those willing to teach can be fully utilized? Are you willing to consider that YOU might have capacity to lead in ways previously undiscovered? How will YOU embrace and care for those already in our midst even as we pray for God to lead us in expanding our circle of love and care?
I invite your prayer & reflection!