Pastor’s Corner 9/16/2018

Normally, Shane and I live in the world of recorded television and on-demand shows, but sometimes, we end up having to watch commercials (what a pain!). However, I am grateful for that because I have learned about some really interesting, creative ideas that companies have designed to sell their product. My favorite one is Domino’s Pizza. One might think, how can making and delivering cheap pizza become more interesting? How can this pretty old, pretty basic business style take a step past its competition? I believe Domino’s has done just this. The first thing I noticed was a few years ago. They began advertising transparency in their business. Blind taste tests, recipe improvement, and being honest were all the main message in their advertisements. Then, a while later, they compounded on that by advertising shop remodels, making the kitchen visible from the waiting area. Customers could now see their food being made and assembled. This added to the goal of transparency within the company itself. Then, more recently, they did even more. They added delivery places in public areas like beaches, parks, parking lots, and venues. It is advertised as getting people to order delivery pizza when they are out and having fun. But, the most interesting and creative idea Domino’s Pizza has going right now is pothole fixing. Pothole fixing! You call their special number if you find a pothole on your drive back home from your local store, and they will pay to have it paved. Their reason behind it is to save spilled pizza from bumps in the road. Far-fetched ideas right? Can you imagine the conversations in those boardrooms at Domino’s headquarters? Can you imagine the trust and risk that it has taken for the company to take these steps? Is it helping the company become more vital? Only time will tell. But, I believe this type of creative, innovative, possibly risky brainstorming is what the Church may need right now. What did that first meeting look like when St. Paul’s decided to rebuild the sanctuary? What opportunities has that decision brought to the city of Helena and our community? I encourage all of you to put on your thinking caps about how to “be a church” in this day and age. What are some far-fetched ideas that might actually work? Just the activity of brainstorming ideas can bring lots of creative opportunities. Your challenge: come up with 50 different ways to use a pizza box (only one pizza box) and 5 new ways to “be a church”. Your reward: a free Domino’s Pizza from me! Email lists to Good luck! Pastor Sami