Pastor’s Corner 9/22/2019

The Skiing Pastor: Our Western Heritage

                As I feel the weather slightly shift, I am ready to ski! It has been a long year of waiting for my knee to heal and strengthen, and with my new, trusty knee brace made just for me, I am ready to tackle the mountain!
                And even though I am so excited for the possibility of Weekend Warrior Worship gathering regularly up at Great Divide Ski Area, I am definitely not the first pastor out West to connect with people through the great outdoors. John Lewis Dyer, “Father Dyer” was a circuit rider through the treacherous, snowy mountains of Colorado in the 1800s. He traveled through blizzards, often on skis, to mining camps and small towns speckling the beautiful Rocky Mountains.
               The pastor at Father Dyer UMC in Breckenridge, CO states, “everyone in Breckenridge knows not just about Father Dyer the person but also Father Dyer the church because this is where you can come to get a free meal. This is where you can come to be welcomed, accepted, and loved.”
               There weren’t churches in this area of Colorado until someone decided to trek the wilderness and build the relationships. Father Dyer was going to where the people were. He even gave away his gloves one winter day, guiding a group of people lost across a mountain pass. If Jesus was washing feet, Father Dyer was thawing feet out.
               No matter where we are, whether at home, out and about, in worship, or even at our place of work and play, we carry God’s love with us. The most important connections we make may not be in our church building on a Sunday morning. May we trek our world, especially here in the Wild West, where organized religion is not the most popular thing. May we go where the people are, and may we share an inclusive love that may be invisible everywhere else.
Peace and happy trekking!