Pastor’s Corner 9/8/2019

                 Welcome Home! Welcome to our little corner of the world! We are so grateful and glad you are here! Today, we are celebrating the beginning of a new program year here at St. Paul’s. We are celebrating where we have been and the ministries we support.
                 I recently read a story about two hiking buddies: Trevor and Melanie. They met at an exercise class last year and learned of their shared passion for nature and outdoor activities. One detail, though: Trevor cannot see, and Melanie cannot walk. “He’s the legs, and I’m the eyes!” Melanie exclaims. Trevor carries her in a custom backpack. Melanie vividly describes the terrain underfoot and landscapes they traverse. Their unique and beautiful partnership brings joy and purpose to both of their lives. “She loves the feeling of freedom, leaving her wheelchair behind,” Trevor explains.
                  The Dream Team prefers to be called “exemplary” over “inspirational”. Every one of us is stronger in some aspects and weaker in others. How we team up together will determine our total strength.
                 As we begin a new program year, may we see our potential together, our strength together. Trevor and Melanie’s partnership is a glimpse of God’s Kingdom here in our world. Together, we have accomplishments to celebrate, new worlds to explore, and a shared responsibility to God’s world and God’s beautiful people!

Let’s get to work!

May the force be with you,