Pastor’s Corner April 1, 2018 Easter

Each week, when I pray over our offering, I include these words, “we offer ourselves with our gifts.” I think it is important to remind ourselves that God doesn’t just want our money, God wants all of us. Each one of us is unique and has something special to offer this world. From time to time we receive a unique gift in the offering plate. Not monetary, but words. Words of hope. Words of life. Words of The Anonymous Poet of St. Paul’s II. May these words lift up your spirit.

Human he was, as we are,
I’m sure he had a bad day some.
Anxious he may have been
Knowing what was to come.
It may have felt unfair at time,
he may have cried out, “why me”?
As he anticipated his knowing death
there on Calvary.

Despite knowing what was to come
he persevered on,
feeding the hungry, loving the different,
forgiving his neighbors wrong.

Hope must have remained deep in his heart
as he knew what was beyond,
that he would indeed rise again
and the suffering would be gone.

Not only his own but ours too
as he came to save us here,
extending compassion, teaching what’s good,
and lessen that which we fear.

We celebrate now in the love of God
and the love of those around us,
May the spirit of Jesus fill our hearts
and that which is good surround us.

Let us take that hope for we have it too,
in our times that we feel depleted,
knowing that we are never alone
and therefore, never defeated.

For He Has Risen.

May the new life of Easter fill your heart with hope!

Walking on the path of grace,
Pastor Patti