Pastor’s Corner – February 4, 2018

We Welcome a new member to our team!
Here at Helena United Methodist Ministries, we are excited to introduce to you our new Administrative Assistant, Matt Hankins!
Matt and his wife Emily have been a part of the St. Paul’s community for a decade. They moved to Helena twelve years ago to begin a family, which includes Turner (age 8) and Nia (age 4).

In his life, Matt has lived in many places including Texas, Hawaii, and Washington but has been in Helena, MT for nearly thirteen years. He loves the mountains and the small town atmosphere. Matt has traveled abroad but says his favorite destinations are always where his family joins him.

“I love music, and through music, I feel like I share ministry,” Matt says.

He is active with the St. Paul’s children’s choir, has joined the Walk to Emmaus music team, and plays music around western Montana with his two bands, Across the Divide and Blackbird Reverb.

“I am proud to be the newest member of the St. Paul’s and Covenant office staff. I hope to see and work with you soon,” says Matt.

When you get a chance, swing by the office and greet Matt! We are excited for the possibilities that Matt brings to our team!