Pastor’s Corner May 17

“Courageous” This is the adjective that Ann Waickman used about clients of Helena Food Share. She used this word for people of all ages who seek food assistance during her Challenge Helena talk. ( It takes courage to be a parent who needs to admit that you cannot provide for your family, despite your best efforts. Courage for children to peer over a counter and ask for something to fill the empty place in their stomach. Courage for a mother to call Food Share and make sure they have milk, so she can trust the trip will bring nourishing food to her family. By giving to the Helena Church Challenge we have quite literally been lending “canned courage” to people in our community.

Bringing “canned courage” is what St. Paul’s and Covenant have done by their continuing support of the Church Challenge for Helena Food Share. The Church Challenge was started in 2014 during one of the lowest donation times of the year to get churches in Helena to cooperate by reaching a shared goal. We started knowing that 4,000 lbs was the average during April/May. We set out to double this number and brought in over 9,000 in 2014 and 8,213 pounds in 2015 from 20 churches. In 2015 St. Paul’s brought in 2,079 and Covenant brought in 780 lbs. “Canned courage” is our work and Christ is present in the courage.

Thank you for helping to share courage,

Pastor Tyler