May 1, 2016 Pastor’s Corner

Good communication is important in today’s world. Communication is how we invite people in the Helena community to join with God and us to transform the world. Last month our Church Council met to define its goals for the next year and one goal is communication. Over the next year we will be learning about new methods of communication, seeing how well we share our message, and developing resources for our entire congregation to better share the things we are working on. St. Paul’s has a unique and powerful message of loving our neighbor that people are hungry to be a part of and we want more people to join us in this sacred work.

In a world with increasing complexity around ways to communicate, it is important that we use all the media available to reach people. Our pastors, congregation and staff work very hard to develop ministries that are hospitable, provide a chance for personal growth, allow us to serve, and to go into our world to share God’s love in action. One way we honor this as a church is helping provide professional and diverse communication to reach as many people as possible. I would like to share all the ways we currently communicate and encourage you to find a method(s) to stay connected to the life of St. Paul’s.

Enthusiastic Peace – Pastor Tyler
Bulletin: Each week a bulletin is printed for weekly worship. This contains the most up- to-date information about what is happening around the church. In the bulletin is a Presence Form that we encourage people to place in the offering plate. This form lets us know of any area of interest you might have, provides updated contact information and a place to offer prayers.

Newsletter: A monthly newsletter is created and available through mail, email, or on our website. If you wish to receive the newsletter, sign up on the Presence Form or contact the office.

App: Yes we have an App for that! St. Paul’s app is most easily downloaded by going to and hitting the app download button on the home page. Via the app you will receive regular church updates and sermons, which you can download to listen to on the go.
Website: Our mobile-friendly website has current information on our programs, ministries, and basically everything happening around the church. Go to

Livestream: We have been streaming the 11 AM service for a year now. With an online worship attendance of about 15-20, turn on Livestream if you are unable to make it to church due to illness, kid craziness, or just forgetting to set the alarm. Also, you can watch the service later to catch up, share with Grandma and Grandpa when kids do something silly during Children’s Time, or if you accidently slept through the sermon. This is also a great way to invite friends to church who want to experience it before they come.

Facebook/Twitter: Find us on social media at or Here you will find moments of devotion, news updates about the church and much more.

April 24 2016 Pastor’s Corner

We have almost completed two full years working in our partnership with Covenant UMC in the ministry we have called HUMM: Helena United Methodist Ministries. This has been a unique and exciting way for us to find ways to maximize impact and multiply ministry throughout our area. Let me share a few of the upcoming events that we share as an area. They are a great illustration of how we are indeed able to expand our outreach.
Grace and peace, Marianne
1. April 28 – 6:30 PM – My Destiny “Rainbow Reflections Continued” – Covenant
Helena United Methodist Ministries is in partnership with AARP Montana to provide special programs associated with our community outreach program Bridges – Pathways to Abundant Living. On April 28 Marsha Goetting, PhD and Montana State University returns and will present a program on Estate Planning – discovering ways that we can continue our service to others in perpetuity. The first program last fall was standing room only and we anticipate a full-house on April 28. Dr. Goetting addresses Health Care and Financial Powers of Attorney, Personal Representatives, Probate, and Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment Trusts. Be sure to call AARP Montana to register for this free public event to ensure sufficient space and refreshments. Call: 877-926-8300 and request registration for the April 28th event.
Dr. Goetting is a Family Economic Specialist who combines her career-long obsession about estate planning with her recent passion for Montana wildflowers in a creative and unique presentation titled Wildflower Reflections: Property, Family and Legacy Planning. You will not want to miss this visually-enhanced presentation that has been offered to 350 groups across Montana!
2. May 6 – Noon – Bridges: Pathways to Abundant Living – Covenant
Bridges is a community outreach program exploring paths to abundant living for those contemplating retirement, or experiencing retirement. Helena United Methodist Ministries and AARP Montana partner to provide free catered lunches on first Wednesdays at 12 PM at Covenant UMC. The final program for the year, until we start again in September, will be provided by AARP Montana and focuses on life after employment. AARP will lead us in thinking about the myriad of options to keep us active, engaged and happy! Call AARP Montana to reserve your free lunch by Monday, May 4, and look forward to 90 minutes of meeting people, good food and an exciting program. Call 877-926-8300 to reserve your lunch for this, May 6 event. Space is limited so call early.
3. May 26 – 6:00 PM- Mission Shares Pot Luck Dinner – Covenant
On this evening, we will join with Covenant for a special pot-luck dinner and a program about the multi-dimensional mission program of the United Methodist Church. This program will help us learn what is accomplished with our money combined with contributions from United Methodist congregations around the world.

4. June 2 – 6:00 PM – What is happening at Annual Conference? – St. Paul’s Fireside Room
We will gather to look at issues that will be coming to us at Annual Conference. The primary discussion will be around the shared futures legislation (the plan to merge with the Rocky Mountain Conference).

April 17, 2016 Pastor’s Corner

It is already three weeks since Easter.  For many of us that seems like a long time ago . . . and we are already moving on to the other events of spring – and I know there are many events.

And obligations.  And activities.  Spring is busy, right? But, did you know that, actually, Easter is not yet over?  Officially Easter is more than a day.  It is a season.  The Easter season lasts for 50 days and only ends with the celebration of Pentecost which, this year, is on May 15.  So we still have some time for Easter celebrating!  And I believe that through a long Easter season, the church reminds us each year that resurrection was not just an event of long ago.  For Christians, it is literally meant to be a way of life.  We are a ‘resurrection people,’ and, fundamentally, that means that we are challenged to notice and celebrate and invite new life wherever and however we can.

And so, once again, we have the Easter season where we are invited  to look for hope, to celebrate life, and to imagine possibilities.  How do you do that?  I find hope as another baseball season begins.  As someone who grew up on the north side of Chicago, opening day of baseball season gives me a great reason to hope – that  maybe this year the Cubs will win!  Being a Cubs fan is all about hope.  I’ve had a lifetime of practice in hoping!

But there are other things too.  The season of Easter is a time to practice seeing the harbingers of new life that are around us.  Take a walk and notice the greening of the trees and the blooming of daffodils.  Enjoy the longer days.  Notice the sunrise and the lingering light in the evening.  I enjoy  hearing the sounds of children playing outside.  I like feeling a breeze come through open windows.  I like waking to the sound of rainfall outside and the smell of wet grass.

How do you celebrate the season of Easter?  I encourage you this week to consider how it is you experience new life and hope.

May resurrection moments fill your Easter season!

Grace and peace,


April 10 2016 Pastor’s Corner

May 10 – 20 in Portland, Oregon the United Methodist General Conference will be taking place. General Conference is the top legislative body of our church and sets policy for the church every four years. The conference can revise church law, as well as adopt resolutions on current moral, social, public policy and economic issues. The group also approves plans and budgets for global church-wide programs.

During General Conference I have been elected to serve as the clergy delegate from Yellowstone Conference and the head of the delegation. This is a great honor and responsibility as we only get 2 voting delegates from all of the Yellowstone Conference(Montana, Northern Wyoming and a tiny part of Idaho). The 854 delegates present in Portland will represent United Methodists from around the globe, 504 from the United States and 350 from Europe, Africa and the Philippines.

Over the last several months working with other delegates from our area I have been preparing for Portland by studying petitions, learning about the legislative process, and building relationships. As another pastor informed me lately, “You have to be a little crazy to want to do this.” He is probably right. Working to get people to work globally together to share God’s love could be seen as crazy in a lot of ways. Hoping to follow the original madman into this endeavor, aka Jesus.

If you are interested in following along I will be posting on my blog as I prepare for General Conference at, you can follow me on twitter @zestyreverend, and find more news about general conference from by going to

Your prayers are welcome in this process.

Enthusiastic Peace,

Pastor Tyler