December 27 Pastor’s Corner

May the blessings of Christmas be yours in abundance!
I don’t know about you but I immensely enjoy the week between Christmas and New Year’s. It always seems to be a more restful time, especially after the frenzy of preparation for Christmas. I hope you get some of that restful, playful, enjoyable time in the week to come.
For Lyle and me, this year’s Advent preparation was even busier than normal. Just before Thanksgiving, a health concern was raised during Lyle’s annual physical. He has spent the weeks of Advent undergoing various tests. As many of you know from experience, medical tests often involve a lot of waiting and hoping and wondering – all of which is very much in keeping with the spirit of Advent! From very early in this process, we knew that his diagnosis included cancer so we have been working with the Cancer Center at St. Peter’s. We both want to affirm the excellent care we have received. We are incredibly blessed to have such a high quality of medical care here in Helena.
On December 18, we received the diagnosis that Lyle’s tumor is an unusual and rare cancer and is found on his bladder. The recommendation for treatment is surgery as soon as possible. This kind of surgery cannot be done here in Helena so this past week, in the midst of Christmas Eve preparations, we have been to Missoula for a consultation. We hope surgery will be there in the near future. When we have more information, we will be glad to pass it along but, until then, we both simply ask for your prayers and support.
The St. Paul’s staff has been so helpful as they have covered things I could not get to. Many thanks to them and to all of you who have offered help. I’m sure we will take you up on your offers in the future but, for now, we simply ask for your understanding if calls are not returned immediately or if we are unable to respond to requests.
As you know, we are both the leaders of the group which leaves for the Holy Land in mid-January. Lyle will not be able to go but we are hoping that I will indeed be accompanying the group. Again, we are still awaiting further word.
Again, thanks for your prayers! Lyle and I consider ourselves richly blessed to be part of a community like St. Paul’s. Though there is much we do not know about what the future holds, we do indeed trust in the One who holds the future!
May 2016 bring an abundance of blessings to us all!
Grace and peace,

December 20 Pastor’s Corner

Welcome to this year’s Christmas Choir Sunday! Today you will be treated to hearing the Christmas choruses of Handel’s Messiah. This is a wonderful way to enter the spirit of the season during this final week leading to Christmas. I am hoping you will take a minute to thank Tanya Anderson, our Chancel Choir director, for her work in making this possible. She has done an amazing job leading our awesome Chancel Choir this fall. She and Dave Buness have worked hard to make the transition from Dave’s leadership to her leadership a smooth one. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with such great talent and I know today’s music will be a blessing to us all!

Tomorrow night, we will be celebrating our annual Solstice Service featuring the Wilbur Rehmann Jazz Quintet. This has become one of the most popular events of the season as we simply spend time listening to wonderful music, reflecting, praying and learning together. We have traditionally shared this service with the Helena Jewish Community and this year will be no exception. Together we will reflect on the theme Leaning Toward the Light, which seems especially appropriate as we all deal with the challenges in our personal lives and in our world. This year’s Solstice event will again include the young fiddle player and singer Brigid Reedy and her Dad, John Reedy. I am told Brigid’s younger brother will also be joining them.

Next Sunday will be an opportunity to celebrate the joy of the season by remembering the many ways we have been ‘going in mission’ this past year. If you think about it, the service on Dec. 27 is the last service of our first 150 years of ministry! I sometimes wonder what those pioneers who began the community that would become St. Paul’s would think of what we have become and of all we have done. I personally think they’d be amazed and proud. I also think they are some of the saints in the ‘great cloud of witnesses’ who are cheering us on and supporting our ever expanding mission.

May the joys of Christmas be yours! If you are traveling this season, may your journey be safe and your time blessed. If you are here in Helena, I hope to see you at one of our Christmas Eve services. The Christmas pageant – the service especially geared toward families – is at 5 PM. That will be followed by the Christmas candlelight services at 7 and 9.

May the blessings of the coming of the Messiah be yours in abundance!

Grace and peace,


A note from Meg White

My cherished St. Paul’s Family,

After much contemplation and prayer, Joe and I have decided that it’s time for me to pass the torch of Youth Ministry on to someone else. This has not been an easy decision for us, however, the peace in my heart and the yearning to be more present with family, tells us that it’s what we need.

When we lost Joe’s Mom unexpectedly in April last year, we were given a new appreciation of how precious time is. I want to be able to work with Joe in our electrical business, so that we can enjoy time together as family. I want to help Taylor and Kaiti navigate high school and begin looking at next steps. I want to spend more time snuggling Alyssa and volunteering in her classroom. I want to continue working toward good health for her with our doctors.

I want to be able to enjoy Wednesday Night Dinner and not rush out at 6 PM to get ready for Youth Group. I want to attend classes on Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights so that I can continue to grow in my faith. I want to slow down enough to cherish the memories along the way.

When I say “pass the torch”, I truly do mean that. Youth Group will continue to function. We have an amazing structure of volunteers and a talented youth leadership team who have committed to help with Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings throughout the year. I intend to help mentor throughout the next year, in any way that is helpful. This is by no means the end….just another beginning!

I’ve been SO blessed these past eight and a half years to work with all of you, and to have your love and support. (I expect that to continue by the way!) I treasure all of it. My plea is that you will hold all of us in your thoughts and prayers as we work through this transition, to ensure that the flame of Youth Ministry does indeed continue to burn brightly here at St. Paul’s.

Here’s to another step in the journey!
Love and Blessings-

Meg White
Youth Coordinator

November 29 Pastor’s Corner

Going in Mission…

Advent begins today; this is the church season where we prepare for the birth of God’s love into the world. God’s invitation to us is that we can help bear this love for the world, one way we do this is by going in mission. Today after church, at 12:30 PM, I invite everyone to join us at Covenant (2330 E. Broadway) as we wrap Shoe Box gifts for the Blackfeet United Methodist Parish (BUMP). Come join us for a free lunch and help participate in this mission project put together by Covenant, St. Paul’s and Clancy UMC. These shoe boxes represent our offering to the Blackfeet families and children who are in need of care during this season of hope.

Ministry with native people is challenging in a time when we understand the harm European Americans caused during colonization. For many years we thought this ministry was simply offering all the trappings of our culture to try and be more inclusive of native people. Slowly through a process of listening to the hurt caused by this attitude, it is sinking in and becoming clear that forcing our culture onto native people has done significant damage. How then do we go about this ministry? There is no simple answer. The first thing we can do is to be in relationship with those who have been marginalized and listen to what the problems are. Then we need to work toward the solutions presented by the native culture.

This year HUMM (St. Paul’s and Covenant UMCs) is teaming up with Clancy UMC to create and collect Shoe Box gifts for children at the Blackfeet United Methodist Parish during the holiday season. By sharing in the Shoebox ministry with BUMP (Blackfeet United Methodist Parish) we are listening and maintaining a relationship with the Blackfeet. This ministry is an example of BUMP listening for needs, and asking us to assist. Financial situations at the reservation have not resolved, so poverty continues to be the predominant condition. For some the boxes are the only gifts the children receive.

I invite us all this season to find ways to bear God’s love to others as we remember God’s love being born into the world for us.

Enthusiastic Peace,

Pastor Tyler