St. Paul’s Pastor’s Corner 6/30/19

Dear ministers of St. Paul’s,
My friends, first of all, I am so proud of all of you and our community. I am so honored to be your pastor. The ministry of St. Paul’s is powerful and unique to Helena, and I can feel the Holy Spirit at work in our varied ministries.                
I know the past two years have been difficult. Change and transition to the magnitude St. Paul’s has experienced are significant. And, with transitioning lead pastors yet again, along with our larger denomination’s struggles, I feel like we have been put through the wringer.
The good news is that we have each other. St. Paul’s is a strong congregation with ministers who are passionate and compassionate. Each of you adds to this congregation in ways that are important to the body of Christ. Though there are tension and unease with our future, and it is muddled with larger denomination decisions, my heart is hopeful for St. Paul’s. When I share that I am a pastor at St. Paul’s with strangers around town, almost all people A.) Know who we are, and B.) appreciate what we stand for. I was even on the operating table for my knee surgery in March, and the surgical staff rambled on and on about how important our church was to the community.
 We are needed here in Helena. Each gift, each hour of volunteer, each loaf of bread or cracker donated are needed. We need your financial support to keep our ministry sustained. We need your prayers and presence as we continue to serve the community. We need your witness and your stories in this world. I, as your pastor, need all of you. We are in this together. I am invested fully in this congregation and want to offer my hope and excitement for what is to come. I am here for all of you.
As we enter into our new chapter, I want you to be proud of who we are and the fruits of our labors!
We continue to partner with groups around our community and strive to be a safe place for all people to experience God’s love.
Here’s to another year of growth and mission. I am so proud of all of you.
With love,
Pastor Sami