Worship at St. Paul’s and Covenant Sunday Services
at 8:30 & 11 AM (STP)
and 10:00 AM (CUMC)

Worship In January

Join us this month at Helena United Methodist Ministries for authentic worship, beautiful music, and thought-provoking preaching! All are welcome!


Date                        St. Paul’s                                            Covenant
             Pastor Margaret Gillikin                                Jim Fishburn

1/12                 Phaedra Raymond                                Rev. Terry Turner

1/19             Pastor Margaret Gillikin                       Pastor Sami Pack-Toner

1/26             Pastor Sami Pack-Toner                        Pastor Anna Viehland


You’re Invited! #AskingForAFriend

The January sermon series at St. Paul’s and Covenant UMC is “#AskingForAFriend.” Do you (or your friend) have questions about faith, the Bible, life, the universe, and/or everything that you’ve always wanted to hear addressed at church? This is your chance to ask and hear responses from our pastoral team! We will use the questions you pose on the presence forms to develop our sermons this January. You won’t want to miss this opportunity for learning and engagement in worship!

Mortgage Burning Celebration

St. Paul’s has BIG news to share! We paid off our building’s mortgage in December and invite you to come recognize this milestone event with us on Sunday, January 5. The celebration will include both morning worship services, at 8:30 and 11 AM, and Fellowship time after each service. We’d love to share our story of what brought us to this moment and dream with you about where God might be leading us to serve Helena next!